How to Motivate Your Volunteers to Reach Out to Sponsors

Value Perception

• Do you remember the first time you had to ask for money?
• If it was difficult, why do you think it was hard?
• Imagine that you had to sell a $500,00 house for $100,000. It would be pretty easy, because the value you place on the house is MUCH higher than what you’re selling it for.
• On the other side of the coin, what if you had to sell the same house for $1,000,000. It would be much harder because you don’t think the value is there.
• If your sponsorship levels are structured in a way where you’re providing more value to sponsors than other tournaments and your volunteers feel that this is the case, they will be much less nervous to reach out to sponsors.

Be Specific

• Imagine that somebody came to you and said “go and get us sponsors for the tournament”.
• Imagine instead that somebody came to you and said “can you reach out to ABC Co., Coffee Shop Co. and The Hardware Depot to ask them to be a $200 Hole Sponsor?”
• Which one of those requests seems easier? Which one would you be more likely to follow through on?

Equip Them with Tools

• The final step before your volunteers go out to talk to sponsors is to equip them with the proper tools. Do you have testimonials from sponsors at last year’s tournament? What about pictures of how your sponsors were recognized at the event? Visual examples of ways the sponsor can get involved.

A volunteer who believes there is value in what they’re offering, knows who they are reaching out to and for how much who has the brochures and tools to support them, will be a much better ambassador for the tournament.