Windless Double Sided Golf Pin Flags


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General Description

  • For Premium Events ONLY!
  • Beautiful presentation of Logos, Text or Pictures
  • No assembly required



  • Size: 14″ x 21″ (inches)
  • Double Sided
  • Material: Smooth Vinyl
  • Design: Full Color Custom Design
  • Durability: Designed for outdoor use



Windless Double Sided Pin Flags are printed full color and custom designed for each event, with either text or logos for sponsor recognition. They can have separate images on either side. They are easy to install and slide right over the poles at the golf course.


The event went well!

The signs were a hit! I am so thankful that you contact me. Quick Story: The day you called, we lost one of our foundation employees to resignation. She had been on staff for many years and knew how the whole process went… SO this was the first golf event that I have done solo, as I came from a shop that had 20 employees, and our event has been going on for 32 years. I am the only Foundation staff member outside of our director… Your products were so exceptional, and the service was amazing. I am a huge emailer, and just emailing and communicating with Jeane made things SO easy for me. I should show you the signs we had in the past–they were so plain and boring. Thank you for making my life easy during this event. I have submitted the invoice for payment as well.

A good time for the save the date and tri fold brochure would probably be late January. We sent the save the dates out in late March/early April.

Thanks again!!!

Jennifer from Mount Clemens, MI

By the way your full color sign with images are cheaper than what I had printed locally which was green letter on a white board and looked like crap! I am so glad I followed up a cold call we got last year.

I e-mailed the first proofs Jeane did to people who were on the committee and told them to show them to prospective donors on their smart phones and it was an easy sell. Also Mark suggested that the flags be displayed at school after the tournament and that was successful as well.


Lou from Katonah, NY

Hello Mark,

Our event was a huge success! Thank you so much for always providing a quick response to questions, all the edits to our sign design and overall quality of your product.

We are currently looking into dates for our event next year. We would love your help with the save the date card and brochure. I will be in contact when we decide on our date and venue for 2013.

Thank you,

Marcia from Trevor, WI